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Case study

Personalized therapy
through simulation

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Philippe-Pinel Institute


Philippe-Pinel Institute

In collaboration with the Philippe-Pinel Institute, a mental health research center located in Montreal, our team has developed an immersive experience for those living with Schizophrenia, which empowers them to handle their condition better. Through StellarX and Virtual Reality, patients can bring their inner demons to life and learn to face them, all while being assisted by a healthcare professional. The customized virtual renderings can also be shared with loved ones to help them gain a better understanding as to how Schizophrenia is impacting the patient.

“ The results of the six-session virtual-reality pilot project show great promise in treating even the most intractable cases of Schizophrenia. ”

‍Dr. Alexandre Dumas
Psychiatrist & Researcher
Philippe-Pinel Institute


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Efficient coping




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