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Frequently Asked
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General Questions

Who’s behind StellarX?
What can you do with StellarX, exactly?
Who can use StellarX?
Which XR headsets is StellarX compatible with?
Do I absolutely need an XR headset to use StellarX?

Software updates & evolution

How often is StellarX updated?
Where can I read about new updates?
Is it possible to get Early Access to new features?
How can I give feedback on the software?

Getting started

How does StellarX work?
Where to get StellarX?

StellarX support

I want to import my 3D assets to StellarX. Which format does it support?
How can I access Shared Spaces?
How can I join a Multiplayer session in StellarX?
How can I add images and text to StellarX?
How can I share my StellarX Spaces?
How can I start a Multiplayer session in StellarX?