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Go Beyond 2D with a True XR Platform


AI-Enabled VR and Mixed Reality Experiences for Organizations

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“ People are 275% more confident about applying skills learned in XR ”

PwC 2022 Metaverse Survey

Maximize XR Benefits with a StellarX Experience

No-Code Design For Customizable Fast Builds

StellarX’s intuitive functionality makes development a breeze. Use its drag-and-drop interface or Voice Assist and co-create with Artificial Intelligence to animate assets, add interactions, and create scenarios. StellarX facilitates rapid iteration, enabling effortless adjustments based on feedback and project needs. Our experts can even modify a StellarX Space for you so you can access a custom experience even faster.

Gain Situational Awareness Without Risks

Enhance situational awareness with features that emphasize presence. Elevate the sensory experience with imported realistic assets and spatial sound, transforming experiences into lifelike 3D journeys. Media elements like video enrich your environments, making learning and exploration more realistic than ever. All while keeping employees safe, and reducing loads on real resources.

Collaborate in VR & Mixed Reality

Collaborate on projects, train with teammates, and open your StellarX Space for multiplayers by simply sharing your Space code with whomever you’d like to join in and participate. StellarX supports real-time collaboration.

Centralize Knowledge via Interactive Avatars

Simplify onboarding and knowledge sharing with conversational avatars. Embed essential know-how in avatars driven by AI that users can interact with to receive contextual training. Say goodbye to disjointed training sessions with scattered documents that result in poor retention.

See Outcomes with Analytics

StellarX's analytics tool provides you with in-depth insights, allowing you to monitor engagement and measure the effectiveness of your experiences with precision.

Let Our Experts Build A Tailored Experience In StellarX For You

Fuss-Free, Flexible Setup

With turnkey availability on trusted app stores, there’s no setup delay for StellarX. Use it in VR or Mixed Reality, in a standalone headset or connected with PCVR--all plans of StellarX include creation and access to experiences across mediums. Prefer to stick to to Desktop-mode? That’s alright too.

Join 150,000 users from your favorite device



users from your favorite device


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Innovation, Digital Transformation- Winner



Innovation category - Winner

LTEN Excellence Awards


Best Advance in Corporate Wellbeing Technology (Silver)

Brandon Hall Group


Military & Government Games

Serious Play Awards


Startup of the Year




Augmented World Expo (AWE)


Finalist Fidéides Shines Internationally

CCI Quebec


Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology (Gold)

Brandon Hall Group


Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology (Silver)

Brandon Hall Group


Best Startup



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