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Where the magic happens!🌟

Our unique code-less platform is accessible to basically anyone, regardless of technical background.

We’re proud to say it empowers all creators to explore, meet, learn, train, and create in 3D, without constraints.

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Our platform is...

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Beginner or not, with powerful drag-and-drop functionalities, it’s easier than ever to build immersive Spaces and experiences.

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Collaborate with others in real-time. Interact virtually, learn together, train as a team, prototype and visualize, offer remote assistance, and more.

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Get started with templates, or build whole worlds from scratch. Bring them to life with our assets, or import your own.

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Create interactive realms, visualize designs, build complex scenarios, or offer engaging learning experiences with our Visual Scripting tools.

Access these awesome features!

Assets and templates


Build your immersive world, and bring it to life with assets of all sorts. With access to our ever-growing StellarX Asset Collections, you can experiment with basic shapes or personalize your Space with furniture, buildings, environmental decor, your own digital twins and more!

3D avatars


With an embodied avatar for virtual presence, which mimics life-like non-verbal communication cues, virtual co-presence with your friends and colleagues will feel more real than audio calls and video conferencing.

Particle system


Create Particles using our intuitive Particle System, and bring your immersive Spaces to life with awesome effects. Make it rain with special water effects, add smoke, or even create fierce and fiery effects that are legit, lit!

Voice-to-action (upcoming)


Enjoy an even more hands-free experience by invoking interaction & scenarios using AI-powered vocal commands; thus, greatly simplifying the scenario creation process. This is the first step towards the infinite possibilities unlocked by AI generated content.

Collaborative sessions


Collaborate in real-time as you create or play; meet up with your team with a simple, secure access code. Remote and high-performing teams can come together to learn, share, plan, and create. It's as close as being physically together.



Import 3D models or your own digital twins and sort them into collections with ease. In addition to uploading your own content, your work can be exported just as easily when you’re all done, for ultimate portability.

Virtual scripting


Create animations, mechanisms, and map out scenarios for complete simulations, regardless of your technical ability. With a complete no-code, drag-and-drop interface, creating an immersive experience has never been easier.



Spaces are where creators and players meet to share virtual experiences, co-create, learn, plan, and provide remote assistance. Bridge the distance gap with StellarX Spaces and provide a true sense of presence with your custom-built Spaces or start from scratch with our free and ready-to-go templates.

Spatialized audio


StellarX’s 3D spatial audio efficiently recreates the same feeling you get when having a real discussion face-to-face with someone. Proper sound directionality and audio attenuation trailing off in the distance, take virtual collaboration to a whole other dimension.

Immersive tools


Fully equipped with a comprehensive collaboration toolkit, StellarX allows team members to present, brainstorm with free-hand 3D drawing, co-create with grab-and-place functionalities, and take virtual notes on an immersive keyboard; all of which facilitate meetings in dynamic real-time spaces. Intuitive tools offer depth to those seeking advanced customization.

Space transfer


Smoothly share and download user-generated Spaces in a single click, through a unique 8-digit code. No more infinite file share spiral; everyone has access to the last and updated file version, always!

Networking features


Say goodbye to heavy creation workflows that require connecting countless plugins and extensions for fully-fledged usability. StellarX takes care of it for you; all of your scenarios are networked, your assets are streamed... All systems, go!

Preview mode


With StellarX Preview Mode, you can try out the virtual experience you’re creating with the click of a button. No need to save and compile a project, or wait on lengthy rendering times like “traditional” creation workflows; visualize the results instantly, and as many times as you please.

Wondering how all of this actually works?

Check out our Help Desk