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Transform Your Reality

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Explore our core features

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics are an essential tool to keep track of an XR experience’s success. Track parameters, record scores, set up an LRS, create a dashboard displaying your results, provide your users with unique credentials, and more.

AI Co-Creation

Invoke interaction & scenarios using AI-powered vocal commands to co-create experiences. StellarX uses natural language processing to interpret your speech to complete a variety of tasks. Soon, users will be able to co-create with AI in even more ways with the assistance of Generative AI. More to come...

AI-Driven NPCs

Our Enterprise tier includes AI-driven Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), which can speak, move, and overall add more life to your StellarX Space. These avatars enable realistic and engaging conversations for users.

Asset Hub

Have your immersive Space closely resemble the environment you're trying to achieve. Import 3D models, audio, and video effortlessly with the Asset Hub and instantly access them within StellarX to use them. The Asset Hub is also your content management hub, letting you organize all your assets with ease.


The experiences you create are saved on the cloud as a StellarX Space, ready to stream from any supported device. Custom build Spaces from the ground-up or start with one of our many templates that are ready to use as soon as you login.

Visual Scripting Canvas

Connect triggers, behaviors, interactions, and assets together in the StellarX Canvas to develop dynamic scenarios. It's a no-code one-stop shop to create an interactive immersive experience.

Collaborative Sessions

Collaborate in real-time as you create or experience an environment with your team. Hear them and see their avatars. Share and download user-generated Spaces in a single click, through a unique 8-digit code. No more infinite file share spiral; everyone has access to the last and updated file version, always!

Wondering how all of this actually works?

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