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We Are Government Approved

StellarX is part of OVA’s portfolio of XR solutions. It is proud to be approved by the Pathway to Commercialization program in Canada. As the only VR/AR company listed and 1 of 4 companies with a militarized component, we’re poised to revolutionize the public sector’s access to immersive XR solutions.

For government agencies, this means a direct route to state of the art XR solutions like StellarX. By bypassing traditional bidding processes, OVA offers streamlined access to StellarX, enhancing training, simulations, and collaboration. With contracts of up to $8M per department approved, StellarX brings both innovation and scalability to the public sector.

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Through StellarX, OVA collaborates with government agencies to drive positive societal changes. Leveraging immersive XR experiences, we streamline operations, enhance productivity, increase employee happiness, and engage citizens. With StellarX, you can customize experiences to meet each agency’s unique needs.


In government, adaptability is paramount. With StellarX, you gain the power to configure interactive scenarios aligned precisely with unique government objectives, creating solutions that are effective and drive positive change. Create a replica of a health clinic, a service center, or anything you need your virtual environment to look like. Embrace the flexibility to meet evolving needs with easy configurations and deliver tailored, impactful outcomes with full immersion.

Screenshot of a Héma-Québec clinic replicated in StellarX


StellarX easily adapts to your project’s size and complexity, whether it’s a small-scale pilot or a government-wide initiative. With compatibility across platforms and a user-friendly interface, scaling with StellarX is effortless, efficient, accessible, and keeps a lid on project costs.


Security and privacy are foremost at StellarX. It employs a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge measures to safeguard your data and uphold the highest standards of privacy. StellarX's infrastructure, including secure cloud services, ensures the protection of sensitive information. Rest assured that you can feel at peace knowing your digital transformation is supported by a secure solution.

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