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Craft Immersive, Interactive, and Collaborative Experiences

build 3D solutions for challenges in a
3D world using VR, MR, or PCVR.
no coding needed.

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The way we work has changed. From training simulation to remote collaboration purposes, AI-driven virtual environment creation has been vital, but hardly accessible... until now! StellarX gives your team a central place to create in extraordinary ways.

Collaborate, share & inspire.

Unleash infinite possibilities with an intuitive no-code interface

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Infinite content inside an infinite Canvas.

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Easily share your immersive content to guests and team members through a unique 8-digit code.

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Build stellar 3D content, without wasting any resources.

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“ Thanks to StellarX, we were able to create an interoperable Virtual Reality experience, allowing interdisciplinary teams to train more often and in a more cost-effective way. ”

Jean-Pierre Verville
Project Manager
Quebec City

“ StellarX is a game-changer when it comes to exploring the potential of VR. ”

Jeffrey Solomon
Northwell Health

“ This success will make the entire region of Quebec shine, and highlights the quality of local innovations and specialized trades in our city. ”

Régis Labeaume
Former Mayor
Quebec City

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