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Immersive solutions for entreprises and schools


Professional XR services

End to end immersive solutions

Spatial Computing allows for powerful and engaging interactive experiences to take place in total or partial immersion, making it an extremely effective tool in a wide range of industries. From training sessions to meeting rooms and co-creation spaces, this new paradigm unlocks virtually endless possibilities.

Here at OVA, we’re here to support you in your XR project by providing you with turn-key solutions and service packages, made to work best with our proprietary “no code” authoring platform, StellarX. This platform will empower you and your team to implement XR technology seamlessly into your workflow. We deliver solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs, and we always ensure to guide you through every step of the way.

Let our experts build the foundations of your future:

training simulation
meeting room
conference & events center
design & prototyping session
virtual classroom
onboarding space
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So much can be achieved together!💡


Mirror real-world situations

Immersive learning is effective at emphasizing things through visualization. Through environments that closely mimic real-life situations, employees can reach greater levels of expertise in less time.


End distance

Immersive experiences allow businesses to increase expertise in thousands of fields, to organize virtual guided tours, to collaborate remotely, and more; all of this, from anywhere in the world.


Reduce operational costs

Organizations can cut expenses on employee travel, resource mobilization, and equipment transportation. Trainers themselves can be part of the XR programming, so companies can reduce faculty costs.

Graduation hat

Increase engagement

With built-in gamification, immersive learning can be... fun! More interested users inevitably leads to better engagement, and better information retention.


Learn through mistakes

Training in hazardous environments, learning safety protocols, practicing complex procedures, as well as rehearsing presentations to reduce behaviors that do not support inclusion or that could negatively impact a client deal can all be achieved through XR.


Access better analytics

Immersive technologies allow for the capture of enriched user data — notably behaviors, eye tracking, heat maps, and gesture tracking.

What you can expect

Over the past years, we’ve developed a sensitive approach, ensuring nothing is left to chance and delivering the very best results, every time.

Defining your needs

You ask, we deliver.

In order to create a realistic and coherent simulated experience, our team performs a thorough needs analysis to fully understand your objectives for any given project, whether you’re looking for training digitization, academic content, design and prototyping tools, meeting spaces, or anything else! Our experienced in-house 3D artists, designers, and training specialists will go above-and-beyond to exceed your expectations. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again! 😉 (Not to brag, but just take a look at some of our local and international client projects...)

Hand holding a light bulb
Hand holding an environment

Assets & environments design

You’ll feel right at home.

Our team will create high-quality virtual asset libraries that can include your own tooling, equipment, and products, as well as landscaping or industry-specific environment templates. Whether you need your complete product line digitized as high-definition 3D assets, renderings of special machines from your facility, or are looking for tailor-made template environments for your team to work with, we’re here for you. All custom assets and environments are yours (and yours only) to keep and to use unlimitedly, however you need.

Scenarios and interactions

Let it all come to life.

Having all of your tools, products, and digital assets in one place is awesome, but what’s even better is when all of those come to life together. Whether you want a piece of equipment to function and contain life-like behavior, elaborate scenarios that are too dangerous to replicate in real-life simulations, or create engaging and realistic team-building scenarios and games, StellarX’s visual scripting system is ultra user-friendly allowing us to create anything you need with ease. Whether you need us to create scenarios or animations, we can get it done, and we’ll make sure that you’re capable of creating your own code-free scenarios afterwards.

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Our promise

We help you bring your immersive project to life, from start to finish

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Service packages ❤️

Not sure what to ask for? Well, wonder no more: here are a few detailed service offers!

Training digitization

Train your staff in immersive virtual environments, safely & effectively. Go remote, standardize your procedures, or improve your team’s efficiency faster, and more cost-effectively than with conventional methods.

hangar space

Check out our case studies!

With over 8 years of experience, OVA has helped organizations in a wide range of industries.


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