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March 1, 2024

OVA Joins Coveted Pathway to Commercialization

In a significant stride towards modernizing government agencies, OVA, the creators of StellarX, have been included in Canada's exclusive Pathway to Commercialization program. This marks a milestone for the company but also signals a new era of innovation for defence and public sector agencies across the country.

Understanding the Pathway to Commercialization Program

The Pathway to Commercialization program in Canada is a strategic initiative designed by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), a Federal Government Department responsible for supporting economic development, to streamline the adoption of innovative technologies within the public sector. To facilitate direct access to state-of-the-art solutions, organizations in the program can work directly with the government and bypass the often protracted tendering processes involved in receiving a government contract. This initiative is particularly crucial for sectors where technological advancements can significantly impact operational efficiency, training effectiveness, and the overall execution of mission-critical objectives. Enterprises eligible for the program go through a rigorous process before they are accepted into the cohort. 

OVA Joins the Pathway to Commercialization 

OVA and its suite of XR (Extended Reality) solutions, has the distinction of being the only VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) company approved by the program. Moreover, it is one of only four companies recognized for its militarized component, underscoring its unique value proposition in the realm of defence and security applications. OVA retains this privilege until 2026. 

For government agencies, the approval of OVA by the ISED means unprecedented access to StellarX. StellarX is designed to enhance a wide array of activities, from immersive training and collaborative projects that span vast geographical divides, to public engagement and education initiatives. The program's endorsement allows StellarX to offer its innovative software directly to departments, with contracts that can reach up to $8 million each. This arrangement ensures not only the scalability required by public sector operations but also the agility to implement technological solutions without the usual procurement delays. 

Implications for the Defence and Public Sector

Enhanced Training and Preparedness: OVA immersive technology, like StellarX, offer interactive, immersive environments that can significantly improve departmental success. These environments simulate real-world scenarios that are either too dangerous, costly, or impractical to recreate physically. Check out our article on how XR can alleviate many of the challenges faced by the public agencies today. 

Meet Sustainability Goals: 99 Canadian government agencies have committed to sustainable development objectives that they plan to achieve by 2027. Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences are eco-efficient solutions to climate-intensive initiatives. StellarX’s no code design makes using the platform extremely simple and fast to deploy, enabling it to support the public sector’s fast approaching deadlines. 

Streamlined Access and Efficiency: By eliminating traditional procurement hurdles, departments can now leverage a tool like StellarX more swiftly. This streamlined access ensures that the latest innovations are deployed in a timely manner, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of demands.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability: With the ability to secure contracts up to $8 million, departments have the flexibility to scale solutions according to their specific needs and constraints. This scalability, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of bypassing lengthy bidding processes, means that more resources can be allocated directly to mission-critical operations.

Collaboration and Interoperability: By providing a shared, immersive platform, these technologies can facilitate a unified approach to training, planning, and executing complex operations across agencies, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of public sector initiatives.

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