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April 9, 2024

Sketchfab Importer Now Available on StellarX

In our continuous pursuit to empower organizations  with the most effective tools for crafting extraordinary XR experiences, we are back with a new feature for the StellarX Web Portal: the integration of Sketchfab. StellarX users are now able to search for 3D models on the Sketchfab store and import them right into their Asset Hub — without ever leaving the Web Portal.

Expand your asset library

Sketchfab, renowned for its vast repository of 3D models, has become a cornerstone in the 3D and XR development communities. It provides access to an infinite number of downloadable objects and environments published by skilled 3D creators. Connection to Sketchfab in the StellarX Web Portal means streamlined access to loads of content for immersive Spaces. With just a click of a button, you can now navigate through the Sketchfab store, pinpoint the perfect models for your project, and they will be imported into your Asset Hub for you to use in StellarX instantly.

Get efficient, quick

This integration brings forth many benefits for organizations and studios looking to carry out XR development:

  • Vast selection: You’re getting easy access to Sketchfab's extensive library, featuring a diverse range of high-quality 3D models. Whether it's specialized equipment, realistic characters, or specific environments — you name it, they got it. If you’re under a time constraint, gaining access to exactly what you need in minutes, and being able to manage it all in the same place, can make or break your project.
  • Cost efficiency: Access to a broad spectrum of ready-to-use 3D models can also substantially reduce the costs associated with custom model development, which is known to be both pricey and time consuming. Studios can allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on innovation and quality enhancement.
  • Consistent updates and support: As both StellarX and Sketchfab are committed to their communities, users can expect ongoing updates, improvements, and dedicated support, ensuring that both tools evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of XR creators.
  • Streamlined workflow: By eliminating the need to juggle between platforms, we've significantly streamlined the content creation pipeline. No more downloading assets one-by-one, sorting them into folders on your computer, and then having to re-upload them on the portal. The files that would previously take up large amounts of space on your local hard drive are now transferred seamlessly from one platform to another. This integration saves valuable time by reducing the complexity involved in file management.

This new feature is just one of many steps towards changing the way users design, develop, and deploy immersive content. We are dedicated to keep enhancing our platform, ensuring that StellarX remains at the forefront of XR development tools and that businesses around the globe can swiftly bring their visions to life. 

Should you have any questions or feedback, or simply want to share your creations with us, don’t hesitate to  drop us a message via our Discord server

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