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April 26, 2024

AI Is Not Just A Fad and Other Thoughts After Presenting at the 2024 NVIDIA GTC

This article was written by Harold Dumur, CEO at OVA (creator of StellarX)

NVIDIA has had a stellar year, reaching its highest ever market cap just weeks before its already much anticipated annual conference, NVIDIA GTC. In parallel, OVA has made its own breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in the last year with StellarX, playing a key role in making Spatial Computing more accessible. NVIDIA, interested in our contributions to AI, invited me to present a Keynote at this year’s GTC.

On the XR Stage with a full audience!

The event itself had many highlights. The announcement that gained the most traction outside the event was Jensen Huang’s keynote unveiling Blackwell, its newest, fastest, and most performant GPU. The reveal that seemed to get all the attention inside GTC involved NVIDIA’s collaboration with Apple: NVIDIA Omniverse will be brought to the Apple Vision Pro, boosting the quality of its immersive environments and perhaps expanding the reach of the Vision Pro to enterprise users. I also got invited to an exclusive (and secret!) roundtable about NVIDIA’s CloudXR and cloud rendering. Can’t say too much about this, but some sentiments were discussed in my presentation.

By Day 2, it was time to take the stage to present my Keynote. It was a full house! It’s a testament to the growing understanding of how valuable immersive experiences can be to businesses. I spoke about what’s brewing on the R&D side of OVA & StellarX in regards to AI; knowledge transfer facilitation through a LLM and NPC avatars, texture rendering, 3D object creation, and more. The impact of AI in Spatial Computing/XR has incredible benefits for organizations that we are just starting to be understood as the technology develops.

After that, I had several great conversations with people all across AI and XR fields. From a mentor at Stanford University, to some of the people building what’s next at NVIDIA. There is a growing need for skilled workers who know how to make meaningful use of AI, and for XR solutions that allow businesses to collaborate better, be more predictive, develop sustainable business practices, and boost employee performance in increasingly specialized jobs. It was emphasized again and again during demos, that a tool like StellarX is a prime way to prep the future workforce for these demands.

This is just a small part of what happened at the 2024 GTC and there were more elaborate reflections I had that I think warranted sharing with the wider community. You can read my full piece at the link below.

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