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January 10, 2023

Immersive Training for OSHA at Scale

Receiving notice of an injury from a site supervisor is an absolute nightmare; we’re sure EHS Directors and VPs all over can understand the struggle.

As head of safety, you’re doing all you can, but it’s sometimes arduous to pinpoint what exact actions to take in order to avoid injuries on the ground. Corporate videos seem to be the norm for safety training; but one could argue they provide boring, unengaging, and downright ineffective training content. Are they enough to mark the minds of workers, and prevent accidents? 🚧

Plus, training is an iterative and constantly evolving process — there’s so many unplanned risks, angles to cover, and potential variables, it can be tedious to keep track of everything. It’s hard to teach and enforce something you don’t even know about, no?

VR holds the answer

Well, we have a solution. And an easy one, at that. Ever thought about VR training? 💡

Virtual Reality allows you to train in a virtual Space that’s realistic, as accurate as you need it to be, and where risks are virtually nonexistent. Workers can learn and practice in an economical, forgiving, and accessible environment, at their own pace, and completely remotely. This type of training is becoming more and more popular as the necessary technologies are getting accessible and affordable; and, it’s proving its undeniable value. As a matter of fact, Boeing claims switching to VR training boosted productivity by 40%, while the MASIE center noted a 75% increase in retention rates, and Ford Motors observed a 70% decrease in injury rates.

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