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March 14, 2023

Immersive Training For Defence Needs

In the Defence sector, some of the most omnipresent initiatives are to create and maintain operational readiness, situational awareness, indoor and outdoor navigation, and military training. As straightforward as it sounds, we know this is no simple task; these activities will often be restricted by the availability of training sites, monetary investment, weather conditions, and heavy consumption of equipment. As a result, there is a real challenge to provide efficient training at scale in a timely manner.

Given the inherent dangers in military operations, VR simulations provide personnel and contractors a way to train, practice, and gain experience under complete safety. Soldiers can experience being in battle-like situations, without ever leaving HQ. 💫

Plus, VR training modules are proving to be much more attractive than traditional means of training. The MASIE center, for example, noted a 75% increase in retention rates after switching to VR training. This translates into higher engagement, greater understanding and, in the end, more skilled personnel.

Granted: past VR simulations may have also been complex and resource intensive. Once a scenario was developed, usually entailing a substantial initial investment, it was then set in stone, as changes were near-impossible. What’s the use, if you’d then have to start all over again in a few years when your needs have inevitably evolved?

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