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January 27, 2021

Expanding Learning Possibilities in the Metaverse

Education is one of the multiple fields in which XR can come in particularly handy. It can do it all: transport, simulate, show, and most of all, concretize. Used in an academic context, it has the potential to deeply enrich learning and teaching experiences.

In the Heat of the Action

Augmented Reality provides an additional layer of information on top of the real world, while Virtual Reality carries us in an entirely digital environment. It recreates sights, sounds and sensations, giving us the impression that we are in a real, tangible situation. “It feels like it is happening in front of your eyes,” says Mohamed Awaiskhan Pathan, an Electrical Technology student at Ontario’s Mohawk College. (1) Instead of reading an abstract notion in a book, the student can see it appear right in front of his eyes… and experience it! According to educational theorist John Dewey, effective learning is experiential (2) ; and that’s exactly what XR provides. A student can move, take action, solve problems, and think critically, all within a controlled environment. Inevitably, the student becomes more engaged, and their concentration as well as information retention improve.

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