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February 16, 2018

Democratizing Creative Expression in XR Realities

I’ve always had a profound appreciation for creative expression and technology. Somehow, when both these worlds collide, something powerful emerges… (I think that we can all agree that CES is undoubtedly a prime example of this!)

Now, I may not be artist, but I am an individual with vision. Like everyone else, I dream, I imagine, and I long to bring my ideas to life. I’d willingly argue, that deep down, everyone has that intrinsic drive to express themselves freely and creatively.

However, I do agree, that this innate ability to render creative expressions isn’t given to all. Despite what most think, when I studied Engineering, it was a skill I sought out to pursue. No, I didn’t major in Art History, I didn’t study Picasso, nor do I paint, draw, or play music. My creative medium is tech. It’s how I express myself; it’s where I feel comfortable.

Last year @ CES 2017

Similarly to Art students, I studied the past in search of inspiration. I realized that the current two-dimensional limitations weren’t innovative enough to bring my wild ideas to life. The filtered human-interface relationship I had developed with my screens, didn’t allow me to truly experience, at full scale, the immersion I was yearning to feel. So, I looked to the greats, such as Marshall Mathers, Phil Knight and Andreessen Horowitz, for inspiration and guidance. Like artists do, I tried different mediums, practiced various forms, and explored new techniques until I found a style that was undeniably me: Immersive Computing was definitely my thing.

You see, Augmented and Virtual Reality empowered me to feel new things, see new worlds in a different lens, and genuinely experience what it feels like “to be.” My senses heightened and my brain stimulated, these three-dimensional virtual environments provided me with new-found inspiration. I’ll admit, I kind of felt like Neo when he was introduced to the Matrix by Morpheus. You know, like anything you think of instantly appears right before your eyes… Well, that’s what it felt like. (Or, at least, I imagine that’s what Keanu felt… 🙄)

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