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July 3, 2024

Advance Learning Outcomes with Data-Led Learning Analytics

To kick off summer in style, the StellarX team is back with a smoking hot new feature: Learning Analytics. 

Learning Analytics are an essential tool to keep track of an XR experience’s success. By measuring, collecting, reporting, and analyzing data, they help instructors creators understand what works, and what doesn’t. Their implementation right into StellarX will allow users to make data-backed decisions, leading them to optimize learning.

Measure, collect, improve

The Learning Analytics feature is designed to track a learner’s competencies as they interact with different scenarios in StellarX. When tracked actions are completed, statements are automatically sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS), where individual and group progress can be monitored. 

Using this new feature, organizations can effortlessly track and improve employee competencies. Choose which parameters to track, provide employees with unique credentials, have them interact with an experience… and voilà! You now have access to essential information such as staff progress, completion scores, pass/fail rates, number of attempts, and much more. 

Since StellarX is a code-free platform with a focus on accessibility, we’ve made sure to make this feature as easy-to-use as possible. Success can be tracked through entire scenarios as well as for specific users or interactions, all through StellarX’s no-code Visual Scripting Tool. 

Useful for all

This feature was designed with 3 distinct types of users in mind.

The Creator

The Creator builds the immersive experience, and chooses what they want to measure. They can track individual Nodes inside the Canvas using the track/untrack option, or use the Record Score Node to track an entire scenario. This new Node, whose purpose is to record the success rate of users, is always tracked, and can generate scores as well as pass/fail statements. The visual implementation of these features allows the Creator to quickly spot which data will be sent to the LRS.

The Instructor

The Instructor accesses and analyzes resulting data. They get a detailed view of each learner’s progress, right from their LRS. They can also set up said LRS, retrieve and provide credentials, see statements (which include learner’s email, description of the interaction, and fail, success, or scoring if applicable), and track the key indicators of success they are interested in. The StellarX team is currently using Scorm as their LRS of choice; but any LRS of the instructor’s choosing can be implemented to StellarX successfully.

The Learner 

The Learner interacts with the virtual experience while their progress is tracked in the background. The Learning Analytics feature alleviates their mental charge as they don’t need to keep track of their own progress to report it to the instructor, and can simply focus on learning. All they need to do is link their account to the provided LRS via the StellarX Web Portal and StellarX will handle the rest. 


We hope this new feature, available for both StellarX Pro and StellarX Enterprise subscriptions, will make it easier for XR creators to keep improving. As always, we are continuously working on upgrading our platform so it can remain at the forefront of accessible XR development tools for businesses.

Should you have any questions or feedback, or simply want to share your creations with us, don’t hesitate to  drop us a message via our Discord server

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