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“The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus will allow individuals without technical expertise, or any background in programming, to create virtual worlds aligned to their needs.”

Create, experience, modify, share, analyze.

Led by StellarX, in partnership with:
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“StellarX makes remote collaboration and training more efficient, and situations that would otherwise be costly or logistically complex are made cost-effective through curated immersive environments and interactive content.”

Curious about how this works? 🤔

Here’s how it goes:

step 01
Create & modify 3D objects tailored to your needs
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Conceptualize, create, modify and rig 3D objects in an immersive environment using Masterpiece X, unhindered by technical or creative knowledge hurdles.
Masterpiece Studio’s website
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Download Masterpiece X
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Learning Tools and Documentation
step 02
Create immersive training and maintenance scenarios
Import your 3d objects in StellarX and create your own interactive training and maintenance scenarios, free of code. Then, share and experience your scenarios immersively, alone or with others.
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Download StellarX
Learning Tools and Documentation
step 03
View tracked data using analytic tools
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After training and maintenance scenarios are completed, use Cognitive3D to analyse the tracked data for greater understanding of the learner’s comprehension.
Cognitive3D’s website
Download Cognitive3D
Learning Tools and Documentation
bonus step
Increase the immersion by adding haptic feedback
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Optionally, if you are interested in adding haptic glove feedback to the experience, get in contact with us and Toronto Metropolitan University will be ready to support.
MIMS Laboratory’s website
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