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Here are two Canadian government procurement mechanisms that do not require traditional RFP processes:


Limited ISC Aftersales Opportunities
($1.2M each, available until Oct. 2024)

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In-service Support via the 'Pathway to Commercialization'
(up to $8M initial contract, available until Oct. 2025)

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Product & Service Packages 📦

Tailored for the Defence sector.

Customized Training Content

We will facilitate your organization’s journey towards immersive content creation by co-designing and co-developing tailored scenarios that suit your operational needs.

This package includes:

- Strategy and content planning

- Storyboarding and scenario design best practices

- 3D asset generation

- Immersive environment building

- Adding interactions and animations (making the scenario ‘come to life’)

- Implementation strategies

- Setting up equipment

- Scenario testing

- Analytics of learning

- Technical support and Masterclass access

Remote Assistance

We will set up your organization with remote assistance capabilities, offering hands free access to your Subject Matter Experts and related material from any location.

This package includes:

- Training / onboarding for remote assist

- 3D asset generation

- Cloud hosting of assets (recalled by a technician)

- Implementation strategies

- Procuring and setting up equipment

- Technical support

In-service Digital Transformation

Rather than working on a specific project, we will continually work with your organization towards your immersive digital transformation goals (contract to be reviewed annually).

This package includes:

- Ongoing strategy and planning of content, storyboarding, and scenario design best practices

- Ongoing 3D asset generation, immersive environment building, addition of interactions and animations

- Ongoing implementation strategies, setting up equipment, scenario testing, analytics of learning

- Ongoing technical support and Masterclass access

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